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Discussion: Wheel restoration: MKII Stock P-type

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    Wheel restoration: MKII Stock P-type

    I picked up a spare set of wheels last year from a member here, finally got around to cleaning them up! I wanted to a factory-style-ish 2 tone finish, and wasn't too interested in polishing these since they had some bad pitting from corrosion.

    Before and after sandblast:

    I did an open air sandblast in my garbage bin, but some sandblasting equipment and media retailers have demo booths available by the hour. I wanted to take my time and take breaks so I did the open air method, but be forewarned it makes a mess! Get a full face shield, good long gloves, and good dust mask before starting.

    Sandblasting station:

    I burned through about 75lbs of recycled glass media and recovered about 50-55lbs of it in the garbage bin. I don't have any pics of the next step but filled any curb rash and other blemishes with JB weld, let it cure, sanded smooth and then sanded up to 320 grit the entire lip and spoke faces. After a good wipe with wax and grease remover, gave it 2 coats of Duplicolor hyper silver. Once dried for about 2 hours I masked off the lip and faces in preparation to color the inside and barrel:

    I flipped them over and gave the inside barrel 2 coats of duplicolor grey wheel paint, looks like a gunmetal color with some metal flake in it:

    Flipped them back over again and painted the unmasked areas, again with 2 coats:

    At this point I was really happy with the result. I usually don't like 2 tones but on these wheels the natural lines are well suited for it.

    Things kind of took a turn for the worse when I applied the clearcoat, maybe I didn't let the gunmetal cure enough or something, but I got a lot of dark clouds in the silver finish and one wheel had a really concentrated dark spot. The clear also really darkened the silver finish, and I was not impressed with the so called hyper silver. I was pretty bummed out at this point:

    Tried to touch up the dark spot on the one wheel with silver and made it 100x worse.
    Tried to wipe up my touch up and at least get back where I started and it was now 120x worse:

    I considered stripped all the paint off and starting off, but on the spots with the cleared gunmetal I was actually pretty happy with the color, so I decided to try and do something different and just make the whole wheel one solid color, more my style anyway. I scuffed up the top side paint and gave it 2 coats of gunmetal and 2 coats of clear, I was pretty happy with the result:

    Once cured for a day, I swapped tires over from my original wheels and started planning the pinstriping. I was going to just use spray paint into a cap and use a fine brush, but it was not nearly viscous enough to do a controlled pinstripe. I picked up some gloss black rust paint in a tin and it worked much better:

    These wheels had a nice deep recess, so I put a thick line in the groove, wrapped a piece of hard/dense foam with a clean shop towel, and gave a line a quick wipe and it made short work of the black highlights. I considered doing silver highlights, or red to match the car, but looking at the result now I am quite happy with the black.

    Waited a few hours for the black to cure before turning them upright, and mounted on the car - very happy with the result!

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    You're getting ready for the meet !
    (I would not have put clear over the paint. The Duplicolor paint are nice enough)
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    nice the wheel !!!!!!!
    thumb up !

    I try to do the same thing on my winter mag (gloss black polish finish on the lip ) - the clearcost darker the sliver polish
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    Et Brent,

    Gotta love the old school look. I somehow miss my polished set. I must tell you it took me quite some time to polish them and quite frankly they are a pain in the ass because of all the sharp bends. I've redone my MKIV set for the lexus using the same method but used a wire wheel on the grinder to get the brake dust of it. I also used JB weld to fill the scratches. Came out looking like new but I screwed up on the pain match between front and rear.

    Great write up buddy. Nice to see you'r still enjoying this ride

    Also what kind of paint did you use? I use duplicolor wheel paint at canadian tire and had no issues so far, but I've eared other paint usualy peel off after a while.
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